Jordana Fabuliner Review

Here is my review for the Jordana Fabuliner in 01 Black 

Product Overview:
Availability: This can be found in walgreens. It  can also be found in Cherry Culture.
Retail: This eyeliner retails for $1.99 in walgreens and $2.99 in cherry culture
Comparison: Wetnwild Mega Eyes Defining Marker retails around $3.00. While MAC Penultimate eye liner retails for $17.50. 

Packaging: There is nothing special to it. Just make sure to store it with the tip downwards. 

Applicator: This eyeliner has a felt tip applicator. If you do not like felt tip applicators you should skip this one.
                          Amount: This eyeliner comes with .054 oz. 
   Comparison: Wetnwild has .03 oz . MAC Fluidline has .03 oz.  

Color Variety: This eyeliner comes in two shades. One is black while the other is brown
Comparison: Wetnwild only comes in one shade (black). MAC Penultimate eye liner comes in one shade (black)

Quality: In the beginning I really hated this eyeliner. The thing was that I had not stored it with the tip downwards. If you do not store it with the tip downwards it will not go as pigmented. When I use this I have noticed that it is long wearing but it will have a little fading. 

                                 Pros                                                                      Cons
                          Pigmented                                                Not Much Variety (Color)
                         Inexpensive                                               No Waterproof Version
                         Easy To Use                                                                                                             
Here is a swatch:
Here are some comparison swatches:
From top to bottom 
Jordana Fabuliner, elf essential liquid eyeliner, nyc liquid eyeliner
The nyc liquid eyeliner has a stark black matte finish. While the other two have a shiny finish. But the Jordana fabuliner is a little darker. If you do not want the shiny finish I recommend you buy another eyeliner. 

Bottom Line: I would recommend this eyeliner. 

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