November Favorites 2010!

Here is a list of my Favorites
1.  Sephora Lash Plumper Mascara
2. NYX jumbo pencil in the shade 617 Iced Mocha
3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
4. ELF eyelid primer
5. wetnwild MegaEyes defining marker
6. wetnwild Mega Eyes Créme Eyeliner
7. Revlon ColorStay eye shadow in the shade 02 White Whisper
8. Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in the shade 20 peach satin
9. N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in the shade 720 A Sunny
10. Nivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey
11. Avon beyond color plumping lipcolor in the shade terracotta
12. Elf Complexion Perfection
13. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural

 I really like a kiss of milk and honey because it leaves my lips really soft and the taste is very pleasant. The lipstick is a favorite because the color really suits my skin tone and it is not drying at all.

 This is a very nice blush. When I do not know what to wear for blush I dab this on my cheeks and I am set. It leaves a nice shimmery glow.

 When I am too lazy to  put foundation on I just put my MAC MSF in natural as it. The reason the elf complexion perfection is a favorite is because it does not leave me looking ghostly. It is great for red spots and it covers them without looking cakey or powdery.

 I use the Revlon eye shadow as my highlight whether it be on my eyes, cheeks or nose. One thing I really enjoy about it is that it is matte. That is one of the reasons I enjoy NYC sunny bronzer. It also does not leave me looking orange. It is very subtle. I use NYX jumbo pencil in Iced Mocha for almost all of my neutral looks. It really helps brings out the golden undertones of my eyes.

 My two favorite eyeliners are from wetnwild. Their cream liner lasts forever. It is great on the waterline. Here is a link with my rave on their gel liner:
.The reason I like the liquid liner is because it is easy to use and inexpensive. My number one favorite is the Sephora Lash Plumper Mascara. It leaves my lashes long and with volume (generally my lashes work with any mascara). The best part is that many people ask me if I am wearing fake lashes when I use this mascara.

I have two favorite primers. I like using elf eyelid primer when I want to swatch something. It is nice and inexpensive. I like using Too Faced Shadow Insurance when I want a color to be more vibrant or last all day.
What are you November favorites?
If you have any questions, leave them down below
*All of these products were paid with my money*
*All images are my own*

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Urban Decay Naked Palette Review and Swatches

Recently I just got the Urban Decay naked palette.
Here are swatches:
(Note: The eye shadows were swatched on top of elf's eyelid primer {$1})
This palette includes 12 eye shadows, an eyeliner duo,  and a travel sized primer potion. There are only two matte shades which are Buck & Naked. The other colors are either shimmery, or glittery. The pigmentation on this set is pretty good. There were only two shades  that needed a little more work to show up. They are Buck & Naked (Naked is a muted beige so do not expect it to be very noticeable).  So here are my over all pro's and con's
                               1. All are full sized eye shadows
                               2. Great Value
                               3. Easy to travel with 
                               4. Versatility
                               5. Good color range 
                               6. Nice eyeliner great for travel 
                               7. Two eyeliners 
                               8. All in one
                               9. Interior is easy to clean

                                1. Some shades had a little fall out
                                2. No versatility on eye shadow finish 
                                3. Case looks a little flimsy on the inside
                           BUT the biggest con is:
                               4. Hard to find
This is a nice palette for a person who travels, who likes urban decay, or someone who really wants to get the best bang for their buck. My issue is it is so hard to find and is way overhyped. It is permanent so do not buy it on ebay (Unless you really want to, but consider that you are probably going to waste a lot more than if you would have waited). I also hate the fact that only two shades are matte. I do not recommend this for someone who does not like shimmer. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to discover high end products or really likes the shades in the palette. 

Here are two looks I created with the palette:
1. Natural Day Look:
 2. Dramatic Night Look:
What do you think about this palette?

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MAC Palette Swatches

Here are the swatches:
If you have any questions, leave them down below
*All of these products were paid with my money*
*All images are my own*

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Laser Hair Removal

I have done two types of Laser Hair removal which are epi-light and ND-YAG. So first of all I want to talk about epi-light. Epi-light can be used for more than hair removal. Other than hair removal it is used for acne treatment. It is also said to help diminish dark spots. I personally did not like this treatment. First off the place I got it done at was very expensive for five treatments it was around $800.00.  Secondly after it was done I would still see hairs even after a couple of days passed. It is quick, does not hurt, did help diminish dark spots but did not work for me (even though they would use two different filters). I did this treatment for five years and still did not have results. I did retouches of the laser almost every two months for $133. After getting fed up I saw a place in my local mall advertising laser hair removal. This establishment used another kind of laser. It uses ND-Yag. This one has a more manageable price ($162.00 for five treatments). I have just had two treatments but if I were to need a retouch it is just $33.00. It is quick and does not hurt alot (they give a prescription numbing pain for people who belive it will hurt alot). One thing I really like is that after the treatment is done I see few hairs (these fall out after a couple of days). (Sidenote: Both of these lasers do not work on white hair. The way a laser works is that it searches for the black pigmentation of the hair for people with white hair electrolysis is recommended {My aunt says this really hurts}). 


  1. Help Removes Dark Spots  
  2. You do not need to shave  
  3. Quick (Depends on the area)  
  4. Does not leave treated area rough
    1. Expensive
    2. Does not work for people with dark skin color
    3. Does not work for people with white hair
    4. Some times the hairs needs to be trimmed
    5. Did not work for me (Even after five years)


      1. Removes Hair 
      2. Works for people with dark skin
      3. Inexpensive (at least where I live and in comparison to epilight)
      4. Quick (depends on the area)
      5. Does not hurt
      6. Retouches are inexpensive (At least where I live and in comparison to epilight)
      7. Up to now it is the most powerful laser in the market right now (According to them)

      1. You have to shave the area
      2. Leaves area a little rough (you need to exfoliate and moisture a lot)
      3. In my case it has caused a little acne (It usually subsides after a couple of days)
      4. Does not work on white hair
      This it my personal experience. This does not mean this is exactly what will happen to you. For more information talk to a doctor or a place that does these treatments. Make sure you research any thing you decide to do to make sure you are making the best decision for you.

      If you have any questions, leave them down below
      *These are all my honest opinions and experiences and I did pay for this service*

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      Wetnwild Sugar Plum Fairy Palette Mini Review & Swatches

      This is a coloricon palette from wetnwild. It is part of the holiday collection and is limited edition.  It brings a palette and a eyeliner. The eyeliner in this set is in the shade purple. This palette is all shimmery. It mainly consists of violets.  Most of the shades are pigmented with the exception of two which might need a little more building up. But some of the shades have a lot of fall out. The top right white shade is duochrome.This palette can create a nice natural day look or a dramatic night look.This is how it came packaged:
       The six shades are a shimmery white with a purple glittery undertone, a muted beige, a light lilac shade, a purple with a somewhat brown undertone, a violet with pink glitters, and a black shade with red glitters. This shade (left corner one) looks identical to Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in Zombie Date Night (which was in the Halloween set)
      Here are the swatches:
      (Note: These eyeshadows were swatched on top of elf's eyelid primer {$1})
      Here is a swatch of the duochrome (on the top right):
      Here is a swatch of the eyeliner:
      I recommend this palette if you like purple or color eye shadow. But if you do not like fussing with eye shadows I say skip it.  If you are a neutral eye shadow lover or do not see yourself using these colors I say skip it. If you have this palette do you think it is a hit or a miss? What look do you like to create with it?

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      Teal Flower Eye Of The Day November 23

      This is my eye of the day. I decided to do something with blues because I usually do not use them. So if you want to find out how to achieve this look keep reading.
              Products Used:
      1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
      2. NYX Jumbo eye shadow pencil in  Electric Blue
      3. Bare Escentuals eye shadow in Azure 
      4. Bare Escentuals eye shadow in Soiree
      5. MAC pigment in Mauvement (Rushmetal Collection, Faulous Felines collection, Tartan Tale {Cool thrillseekers pigment set})
      6. Bettina eye shadow in Fossil
      7. wetnwild megaeyes defining marker 
      8. Sephora Lash Plumper (Mascara)
      9. Concealer Brush 
      10. Round tapered brush (Crown Brush has no name)
                     Apply primer from your lid to your brow bone. Put  blue base (Electric blue) on your lid.
                                                  Apply azure in the first half of your lid                        
       Apply Soiree to the outer half of your lid and apply it a little above the lid
       Apply Mauvement pigment in the crease and Fossil eyeshadow in the outer corner
      apply eyeliner, curl lashes and apply mascara

      What colors do you usually avoid?

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      Crown Brush "Deluxe Synthetic Retractable Kabuki Brush" Review

      Here is my review for the Crown Brush Deluxe Synthetic Retractable Kabuki Brush.
      Product Overview:
      Availability: This can be found on  the crown brush website.

      Retail: This brush retails for $15.95 but I bought it for five dollars. I went to a beauty show and none of the prices had been put so it was all set to five dollars.  

      Packaging: One thing I like about this brush is the packaging. Since the brush is covered with the cap I can throw it in my purse and not worry if it will get damaged in there. The packaging make it perfect to keep this brush in my purse for when I need to touch up my face powder.

      Quality: While this is not a bad brush I am disappointed with it. The reason I am not satisfied with it is because I am not able to use it for what I intended. 

      Pros:                                                                         Cons
      Very Soft                                                             Too Flimsy 
                Packaging                                                          Not Dense Enough
                  Convenient                                                     Kinda Pricey ($15.95)
                    Good For Blending                                         Does Not Pick Up All Powders

      Bottom Line: I would not recommend this brush for touching up face powders. I would recommend it for blush or something else.

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      Golden Green Eye Of The Day November 21

      Products used:
        1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
        2. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 624 Rocky Mountain Green 
        3. Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow in  FrankenGlamour (from their Halloween set 2010)
        4. MAC eye shadow in Sassy Grass (Dare to Wear collection)
        5. Nars eye shadow in Night Porter 
        6. MAC eyeshadow in Honey Lust 
        7. wetnwild MegaEyes defining marker

      Here's how to achieve this look:
      1. Apply primer from your lid to browbone 
      2. apply  green base all over the lid and blend it
      3. Apply glamour doll eyes  e/s in FrankenGlamour to the inner  lid
      4. Put MAC's Sassy Grass in the outer portion of your lid  
      5. Blend FrankenGlamour and Sassy Grass 
      5. Apply MAC's Honey Lust in the crease and bring it down to make a V shape 
      6. In the outer corner apply Nars Night Porter and bring the shade to the sassy grass
      7. Blend the Night Porter with Honey Lust and blend Night Porter with Sassy Grass
      8. Put a highlight in your brow bone
      9. Put on eyeliner
      10. Curl lashes and apply mascara

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      How To: Winged Eyeliner

      Following your lower lash line create a line up wards
      Drag the line in wards to your lash line
      Fill in the little triangle and  take it as in as you want
      Curl eyelashes and apply mascara

      1. If you are just beginning I suggest gel liner or pencil since you can have more control
      2. Use an angled brush because it is easier to create lines and is sturdier than any other brush
      3. Use a short handled brush since it will give you more control
      4. Practice, Practice, Practice

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      Too Faced Eye Of The Day November 16

      So I just wanted to show what eye look I was wearing and how you can achieve it:

           1. First put a primer ( I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and put it on your lid to browbone
      2. Put a light beige base ( I used NYX Iced Mocha)
      3. Use a muted light brown and apply to the inner half of your lid ( I used Too Faced eye shadow in Velvet Revolver)
      4. Put a golden brown shade on the outer half of your lid and apply on your crease ( I used Too Faced eye shadow in Totally Toasted)
      5. Blend
      6. Apply a dark sparkly chocolate brown on the outer crown and blend in to the crease and outer lid (I used Too Faced eye shadow in Enchanted Forest, which in the palette it is put as an exclusive shade)
      7. Put your matte white high light shade under your brows and in your inner tear duct. ( I used Revlon Colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow in 02 White Whisper)
      8. Line your eyes ( I used wetnwild cream liner in black)
      9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara
      10. For the cheeks I used NYC sunny bronzer to contour and for blush I used Too faced blush in Papa Don’t Preach
            11. For the lips I used Too Faced Glamour gloss in Plush

           Side note: (I know you can barely see the inner lid color the thing is it does not show up on camera one of the main reasons why is because it is a muted light brown)

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