elf Daily Brush Cleaner Review

I do not like this product. Here is an overview and review of it:

First I have to mention when it got shipped out to me the box was all beat, which includes the box in which the order was in (two things came broken). Now on to the bottle it is not the worst but the pump does not spray effectively. Sometimes it will spray a good amount but other times it will spray almost nothing.  Other than that it is okay. It does not take a huge amount of space.

How I used it:
I tried directly applying it to the brush but felt it was not getting cleaned very well (This is what they say you should do). I spray the product to a towel ( I used to use tissue but wanted to be a bit more environmentally friendly so I changed to face towels.) . I make sure there is a nice amount and do circular motions. If I see that there is still residue on the brush I do the same thing again.

First off I have to mention I HATE the smell of it! I thought it was something I would get used to but no I did not. Since I dislike the smell I do not like how it smells on my brushes later. Secondly it does not clean my brushes very well. I do not expect it to deep clean but it did not even take away color residue, in the sense if I was to clean it in order to use another color after I can still get a little of the first color.

It is very inexpensive. As stated above it is just $3.00 regular price. But elf has sales all the time so you can get it cheaper. I bought this when there was a 60% off site wide. Considering that you are getting 8.4 oz you are getting a good amount for your money.

Would I recommend it:
 No! It just does not meet my exceptions. I have some other bottles, which I will never use. The thing is that I try to use this product but the smell prevents me from doing so. I could get over the smell if it cleaned well but it does not. For those wondering I have used 1/3 of it.  I really wanted to love it but it was just a big miss. On the other hand I do really enjoy the Brush Shampoo. It does clean my brushes pretty well and is also inexpensive (but compared to Baby Shampoo it is not giving you much bang for your buck) What is your favorite daily brush cleaner?

If you have any questions, leave them down below
*This product was paid with my money*
*All images are my own*

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