Personal Experience: Eyelash Extension Review

So on October 31 when I went to the beauty show (San Juan Beauty Show). I decided to do eyelash extensions. I had been wanting to do it for a long time. I had originally planned to get it down much later but I decided to get it done their since I thought it was a good price.

They first cleaned my lashes with a baby wipe in order to remove any  oil or makeup I had (talk about bad choice for makeup removal). Then they combed my eyelashes in order to separate them. They then grabbed false lashes and put some glue on them ( Unlike regular false lashes glue this one is different and is supposed to last longer). After the glue is applied the lash extension is applied directly to your lashes. The thing is I think they did it wrong. They had nothing separating my bottom lashes from the top so the glue would sometimes get stuck. BOY did it hurt when they separated the bottom lashes from the glue. Other than that it did not hurt.

They did not look full. It looked like an amateur put four to five individual lashes. It was really obvious. They stuck out like sour thumbs. My other issue is there was not transition thus making it very obvious. So you can get an idea of how bad they looked here is a picture. Do you see how two stick out and look really unnatural?

One of the main reasons I got it done in the place I did was because of the cost. I have seen that in many places it is $80, $100 or more. Since I was in a beauty expo all the booths had specials. One was offering to do it for $40.00 . I was considering doing it else where but was to lazy and thought the price was a great. (Lesson: Cheap things sometimes will really cost you) So I ended up doing it there. Note: If you are going to pay less but get really crappy quality it is better to pay a little more and get your money's worth.

They did not last. On the same day I got them done some fell out. I followed every rule they told me. I did not use anything with oil, I did not curl my lashes, or apply mascara. The other thing that bugged me was that my natural lashes sometimes came out with the extensions. They fixed them the next day but I still had the issue of them lasting. They still fell out the same day. While they said it would last up to two months with proper care one of the technicians said it would last two weeks. My issue is that if I would have known it lasts up to two weeks for $40.00 I would totally skipped and gone to another place to get it done. 

Overall  Experience:
I would not suggest to get the lashes done where I did.  I might try it again in another place but for now I am fine with my natural lashes. I have seen pictures of people who have gotten it done in other places and it looks really pretty and natural. What I suggest if you decide to get eye lash extensions is research the place you are getting it done. Make sure they are professional and ask how long it will last. If it is possible ask them to show you some of there work. If I would have had more time to found out I probably would not have gotten it done where I did and would most likely have had a better experience.

Side note: Please remember that this is just my personal experience. This does not mean that you will have the same experience even though it could occur.

If you have any questions, leave them down below
 *I did pay for this service, this is my real opinion*
*All images are my own*

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