Laser Hair Removal

I have done two types of Laser Hair removal which are epi-light and ND-YAG. So first of all I want to talk about epi-light. Epi-light can be used for more than hair removal. Other than hair removal it is used for acne treatment. It is also said to help diminish dark spots. I personally did not like this treatment. First off the place I got it done at was very expensive for five treatments it was around $800.00.  Secondly after it was done I would still see hairs even after a couple of days passed. It is quick, does not hurt, did help diminish dark spots but did not work for me (even though they would use two different filters). I did this treatment for five years and still did not have results. I did retouches of the laser almost every two months for $133. After getting fed up I saw a place in my local mall advertising laser hair removal. This establishment used another kind of laser. It uses ND-Yag. This one has a more manageable price ($162.00 for five treatments). I have just had two treatments but if I were to need a retouch it is just $33.00. It is quick and does not hurt alot (they give a prescription numbing pain for people who belive it will hurt alot). One thing I really like is that after the treatment is done I see few hairs (these fall out after a couple of days). (Sidenote: Both of these lasers do not work on white hair. The way a laser works is that it searches for the black pigmentation of the hair for people with white hair electrolysis is recommended {My aunt says this really hurts}). 


  1. Help Removes Dark Spots  
  2. You do not need to shave  
  3. Quick (Depends on the area)  
  4. Does not leave treated area rough
    1. Expensive
    2. Does not work for people with dark skin color
    3. Does not work for people with white hair
    4. Some times the hairs needs to be trimmed
    5. Did not work for me (Even after five years)


      1. Removes Hair 
      2. Works for people with dark skin
      3. Inexpensive (at least where I live and in comparison to epilight)
      4. Quick (depends on the area)
      5. Does not hurt
      6. Retouches are inexpensive (At least where I live and in comparison to epilight)
      7. Up to now it is the most powerful laser in the market right now (According to them)

      1. You have to shave the area
      2. Leaves area a little rough (you need to exfoliate and moisture a lot)
      3. In my case it has caused a little acne (It usually subsides after a couple of days)
      4. Does not work on white hair
      This it my personal experience. This does not mean this is exactly what will happen to you. For more information talk to a doctor or a place that does these treatments. Make sure you research any thing you decide to do to make sure you are making the best decision for you.

      If you have any questions, leave them down below
      *These are all my honest opinions and experiences and I did pay for this service*

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