Crown Brush "Deluxe Synthetic Retractable Kabuki Brush" Review

Here is my review for the Crown Brush Deluxe Synthetic Retractable Kabuki Brush.
Product Overview:
Availability: This can be found on  the crown brush website.

Retail: This brush retails for $15.95 but I bought it for five dollars. I went to a beauty show and none of the prices had been put so it was all set to five dollars.  

Packaging: One thing I like about this brush is the packaging. Since the brush is covered with the cap I can throw it in my purse and not worry if it will get damaged in there. The packaging make it perfect to keep this brush in my purse for when I need to touch up my face powder.

Quality: While this is not a bad brush I am disappointed with it. The reason I am not satisfied with it is because I am not able to use it for what I intended. 

Pros:                                                                         Cons
Very Soft                                                             Too Flimsy 
          Packaging                                                          Not Dense Enough
            Convenient                                                     Kinda Pricey ($15.95)
              Good For Blending                                         Does Not Pick Up All Powders

Bottom Line: I would not recommend this brush for touching up face powders. I would recommend it for blush or something else.

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