Crackle Eyeliner? Maybelline Line Stiletto Review

A while back I bought the Maybelline Line Stiletto Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black. This is what it looks like:

One thing I really like about this eyeliner is the applicator. The applicator is not to big or small and permits you to create a thin line. Another thing I really liked about this eyeliner is that when it dried it had a very shiny finish (kind of metallic like). This eyeliner reminds me of the eyeliners that came out with MAC Fabulous Feline.  They are called the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner (they both have a metallic shiny finish). I would do a comparison but the only superslick liquid eyeliner I have is green (Treat Me Nice). But according to the pictures I have seen of the MAC superslick liquid eyeliner in  the shade On the Hunt it has a less metallic finish. (I would put a swatch of the eyeliner but I cant find it, when I do I will put one)
This is what the applicator looks like:
With Flash
Without Flash
Then why would I hate this eyeliner? It does not last and leaves a crackle finish. While crackle nail polish is in style that does not mean I want crackle liquid eyeliner. I put eyeshadow primer, I set it with black eyeshadow BUT it still cracked. I do not even have oily eyelids. I do not know what could have caused it. I really wanted to love this eyeliner because the finish was so shiny but I hate the fact it does not last for even half an hour. Even though this eyeliner is not expensive I would not buy it again. There are better liquid eyeliners in the drugstore than this (one I really like is the n.y.c liquid eyeliner in black its just $2.99). I read other reviews & they were all pretty mixed. But there were people who complained of it not lasting and flaking. So use at your own risk. 
Overall: If you want a long lasting eyeliner I do not recommend this one. I honestly can not think of a situation where I would recommend this.  

If you have any questions, leave them down below
*All of these products were paid with my money*
*All images are my own*

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