Nars Day & Night Palette Review & Swatches

Recently I did a post mentioning how there was NARS makeup in Marshalls. On that trip I ended up buying an eye shadow palette. It is the Day And Night palette. It has six shades. The shades which are in this palette are Abyssinia, Cleo, Sugarland, Underworld, Fathom, and Night Breed.

As for the review:
Amount: There is .04 oz of every eyeshadow. In a normal Nars single eyeshadow there is .07 oz.
Amount Comparison: In a MAC eyeshadow there is .05 oz. In a Urban Decay eyeshadow there is .05 oz. 
Here is what the palette looks like:
Abyssinia is a shimmery peach pearl. This is my favorite color in the top row. I would describe Sugarland as an orange brown shimmer. This is my least favorite shade of the top row. The reason is that it does not seem to be as easy to work with as the other shades in terms of showing up. For that same reason you would need to put a eye shadow primer when using it.  Fathom is a baby pink with shimmer.
Here are swatches for the top row:
With Flash
Without Flash
The bottom three shades are more dark. Cleo is a shimmery baby blue. Underworld is a black but with navy blue undertones. This is my favorite from the bottom row. It is also my favorite from the whole palette. Night Breed is a black with glitter. If you want the glitter to stay on make sure that you put a primer or a sticky base because it will fall out. 
Here are swatches for the bottom three shades:
With Flash
Without Flash
Three of the shades in this palette are still available in single form. Those three shades are: Abyssinia, Fathom, & Night Breed.  
Quality: Overall I think this palette is okay. I just am not loving the top row. The only shade that kind of impresses me in the top row is Abyssinia. The same can not be said for the bottom row. I LOVE the colors. They are all easy to work with. As I said previously my favorite shade has to be Underworld (ironic because I really like the movie). I recently did a look using underworld here is a link Gloomy Storm.The shade that would be followed after Underworld would have to be Night Breed. As mentioned previously I would suggest the use of an eye shadow primer. This will just ensure that the eye shadows will stand out and not move. 
Would I recommend it? This really varies. If you like the eye shadow shades and do not mind working with some of the shades more then go ahead. I would also recommend this if you could get it for a really good price (thanks marshalls!). I would not recommend this if you do mind having to work a little more with certain shades. 
Side Note: I am going to do a separate post which will feature possible dupes & substitutions for each of the shades.
*All images are my own* 

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