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Recently fellow bloggers Nouveau Cheap & Lady Luck Beauty said that nyx could be found in walmart (ONLY IN PUERTO RICO). For that same reason I ended up going to walmart & did find  nyx. I ended up going to three walmarts which were in Carolina, Bayamon, & Caguas. All three had nyx displays (they replaced palladio). The walmart in caguas had less products than the other two walmarts. They had a nice variety of products eyeshadows, jumbo eyeshadow pencils, eyeliners, lipliners, & concealers amond many other things. Any who here is a picture of the display:
So on to the haul I only got four things (three eyeliners & one eyeshadow):
Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue ($3.97):
I love blue liquid liner. It is a fun way to put a pop of color. I would describe this as a primer paint blue.
Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Hip ($3.97):
This is a glitter eyeliner. I bought this by mistake what I really wanted was the nyx candy glitter liner (which aren't being sold in walmart). This is a sheer multi colored glitter liquid eyeliner. 
Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Pewter ($3.97):
Just as the other crystal liner I bought this by mistake. This is a sparkly lilac glitter liner. 
Here are swatches of the three eyeliners:
Eyeshadow in Mermaid Green ($4.27):
This is a emerald green eyeshadow. {I truly am a sucker for purple & green eye shadow}
Here is a swatch:
Here are swatches of all the products:
With Flash
Without Flash:
As for the prices: They are pretty good on certain items when in comparison to The liquid liners are cheaper on Beauty Joint since the retail for $3.75. As are the single eye shadows since they retail for $3.50 on Beauty Joint.  But remember you might have to pay shipping and handling so it might just be better to get them in the store.
Random Notes: As the pictures show I have started wearing nail polish on my finger nails (with the exception of my right index because it might be permanently damaged). I also am sorry for the lack of posts there has been a lot going on. Hopefully this week I will be able to start posting more regularly.

*All Images Are My Own*

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PrincessPoly430 said...

I went to Walmart in Carolina today looking for the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk but was sold out :( Tendre que darme una vueltita al de Bayamón. Esta semana voy a subir mi haul :)

LadyLuck said...

Soon i will do some shopping of NYX :)

Eveypoison said...

@PrincessPoly430 I did not see the Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in milk when I went.

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