Postponed: Bio-Oil Experiment: Initial Thoughts

So after hearing many great things about Bio-oil I decided I would bite the bullet & try it. The reason is I have two little scars that I want to diminish. Here is what Bio-Oil looks like:
Packaging: Bio-Oil comes in a plastic clear bottle. I bought mine in Walgreen's. It comes in two different sizes which is 2 oz or in 4.2 oz (This is where I live, this might vary elsewhere). It does not have an applicator just a little opening in which you can put your finger or cotton ball to get some product. I would prefer it have some kind of applicator but it guess it is not something that bugs me enough to the point where I would not buy it.

Costs: The 2 oz bottle costs $12.99. While the 4.2 oz bottle costs $20.99. Remember this can vary depending where you live.

Instructions: This will vary depending on what you want to use Bio-Oil for. But for scars you are supposed to apply twice to the area daily. It also says you should use it for a minimum of three months.

Uses: This has various uses, which include: scars, uneven skintone, aging skin, streachmarks, & dehydrated skin.

So as a little experiment I decided that I will post a weekly update (On Tuesdays hopefully) on how it is working and show how the scar is doing. Then after every month I will give my opinion and at the third month my whole feeling on if this product is as great as other people say. Here is what my scar looks like:

If you have any questions, leave them down below
*All of these products were paid with my money*
*All images are my own*

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