MAC Fashion Flower (Haul, Review & Swatches)

 Today MAC's Fashion Flower collection came out. It had eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, and beauty powders. 

Eyeshadows: There are six eye shadows. Only three of which are new. I ended up getting two of the new shades which are Bows & Curtseys (Correction: Bows & Curtseys was previously released in Twists Of Tartan palette in the Tartan Tale collection) , and Groundcover. I already had Lucky Green so if you want to include that then it would be three. I am surprised I ended up getting Groundcover since I hate MAC matte's. They tend to be very hard to work with & their pigmentation is crappy. The other eye shadows were Fresh Daisy (frosty white), Free To Be (matte pink red), and lastly Aqua (matte light teal). I did not get Fresh Daisy because I find it to be a very generic color which can easily be duped. The reason I did not get Free To Be or Aqua is because they are matte and I did not care for the colors. Bows & Curtseys is a dark emerald green. The thing is in pictures it appears black even though it has an emerald green hint. A color I want to use with this is MAC Humid I think they would make a good combination (a green smoky look). Groundcover is a grey brown. I like this color for the outer    part of the eyelid, and the crease. Here are swatches of the two eye shadows I got:
Bows & Curtseys
Lipsticks: There were four lipsticks. Ever Hip was a re-promote. There was MLLE lipstick, which is a pale pink. The reason I did not get it is because it really washes you out. Another lipstick was Growing Trend which is a nude beige. The thing is I describe this lipstick as a kiss of death. It leaves your lips looking like you are dead. Summer Shower is a pretty sheer blue, teal, and purple shimmery lipstick. Ever Hip was a pretty pinky coral. (Note: Both Ever Hip & Summer Shower are sold out in Here are swatches:
Ever Hip
Summer Shower
Beauty Powders: Two beauty powders came out with this collection. The two beauty powders are Alpha Girl, and Light Sunshine. Alpha Girl is a re-promote from the Heatherette Collection. It is a pretty light coral. To be quite frank though I wish it was a little more pigmented. Light Sunshine is a pale pink. I did not get this one because it would wash me out.
Alpha Girl
Lipgelees: Three lipgelees were released from this collection. I did not buy any of them. I was thinking of getting Budding Beauty but decided not to because I wanted the coral color to show up more. The other two were Now In Season, and Fashion Flower. The reason I did not get any was because they were to sheer and I would like them to show the base color a little more than just the glitter. 
Overall: Any who I think this collection was okay. It had a lot of corals. If I could only get one thing it would be the Ever Hip lipstick. If you can get your hands on it I suggest you do because it is such a pretty color. I did not care much for the eye shadows since half of them were permanent. It is kind of irritating how each collection has so many permanent shades. I want to see new shades. Another thing they could have done is been more creative with the colors. I would have expected more bright and vibrant colors. I also wish they would have made the lipgelees more than just glitters. If they would have made them more pigmented I would have bought Budding Beauty. What did you think of this collection?

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