NARS ALERT! NARS In Marshalls?

Recently I went shopping trip with my mother to Marshall's. As I was passing the beauty aisle I found NARS makeup. As many of you know NARS is quite pricey, but all of it was on sale! They had mini lip glosses in a set, eyeshadow palettes, and other kinds of mixed sets. Any who for those of you who plan on going to Marshalls & like NARS you should check out the beauty aisle (I do not know if the Marshalls I went to is the only one but it is worth a shot). 

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LadyLuck said...

Hola! Pues mira OPI los consegui en Plaza Carolina, en un beauty cerca de JCPenny (ahi tambn los puedes conseguir)

Eveypoison said...

@LadyLuck Thanks!

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