Why You Shouldn't: Put Nail Polish Remover In Your Nail Polish!

Many times when you get  nail polish it will either have a very thick formula or will get thick after some time. When this occurs you end up having to thin it out. Some people will tell you to use nail polish remover. But I warn you DO NOT do it. See the thing is nail polish remover is not made to thin nail polish. It will end up damaging it. There was one day I was really freaking agitated from a nail polish & being lazy I went against my better judgment. Here are the results:
The formula ended up being really runny & I threw away the nail polish.
For those wondering this nail polish is Nina Ultra Pro in the shade Spun Sugar (Retails for $1.99 in Sally Beauty Supply)

What you are supposed to use on thick nail polish is nail polish thinner. This can be found in many beauty supply's & it is not very expensive. I ended up buying another Spun Sugar. But for those who are thinking of thinning their nail polish with nail polish remover think about it twice.

If you have any questions, leave them down below
*All of these products were paid with my money*
*All images are my own*

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