My Thoughts On . . . . Kiss Premium Eyelashes

Many people love having long & voluminous eyelashes but not all of us are lucky enough to have long luscious eyelashes. One way which has helped us create the illusion of longer eye lashes is by wearing fake eyelashes. But the problem is that applying them can be a royal pain (especially when you are just beginning and it takes you 2 hours). So Kiss has come with a solution to that. They have put a string which will simplify the application.  Here is a view of the variety of eyelashes they have. 
While this is an amazing concept it does have one big flaw. The big flaw is that the string can only be used once. They are also assuming that everyones eye shape is similar. What if the pair of false eyelashes is too long and needs to be trimmed? Regardless of what side you have to cut you would cut the string off. Here is a zoom of a pair of the eyelashes:
I can not comment on the quality of the eyelash because I have not tried them. I would recommend that if you are solely buying these eyelashes because of the strings that you think about it twice. The reason I say this is because false lashes can be used more than once with the proper care. By doing this you are getting your moneys worth from your purchase . If you do not mind just wearing them once then go ahead and buy them.

*Side note: I did not buy any of these false eyelashes. I just saw them in Walgreen's & took pictures :D*
*All images are my own*

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