Lemongrass Restaurant Review

Recently I went to the Lemongrass Restaurant in the Caribe Hilton. The experience was so memorable that I knew I had to write about it. 

Localization: As I mentioned previously it is located in the Caribe Hilton, which is in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It is not very hard to find. 

Facility: I was not impressed with their facility. It seems like everyone is clustered together. I really would not recommend this for people who want a more personal experience. But I will admit they were not dirty (from what I saw). 

Server: Hmmm .... where to begin. He was really sassy. He was not very welcoming. (I also think the fact that tip is imposed does not help). Another thing was he did not really seem to know how to deal with customers. While someone in our party was trying to describe a part of the dish to me he began to correct & fight with her. Do you really think that is the best way to make sure we are happy & recommend the restaurant? He also took his sweet time to refill our drinks. I can understand that a server has various tables but to have to wait 30 minutes to get our drink is excessive.

Description of Food: They could really improve this and be more precise. You would read the menu & think it came in a certain form but when you got the actual dish it was nothing like they described it. 
Food: This is where I should have been WOWED . . . . & I was. BUT  it was because it took them TWO hours & a HALF to give us our food. It was not even that big of a group. It was just four people. You would think they would make up for it in the food quality. But even this did not occur. The food was cold. The salmon lacked flavor. I have tasted better rib steak in food courts. 

                         Beverage choices: They serve Coca Cola :D. What I will criticize is they did not have piña colada. They said they were out & I was really craving one that day (Which quite frankly is not my problem). 

Here are some pictures of the food: 
 This is the rib steak & some kind of rice or pasta.
These rolls are full of key lime & meringue dip.
 This rolls are filled hazelnut chocolate & strawberry dip. 
Aftermath: When the manager found out that my food arrived cold ( especially considering the two hours & a half wait) she decided she would give us a free dessert. Then it changed to two free desserts. She did ask that we please excuse for the excessive wait. Surprisingly the desserts came in really fast (Hmm I wonder why?) They did not have many choices & weren't that great but they were free. In the end though they did charge for the desserts BUT they did not charge us for two of our plates (Not such a bad trade after all).

Overall: While I did not have a bad time (The people I was with made the whole situation a lot better & funny) I would NOT recommend going there. I  think there are much better restaurants then that one. On top of that the service overall was not up to par. 

         If you have any questions, or if you want to share your experience leave them down below
      *All images are my own*

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PrincessPoly430 said...

Yo fui hace poco y tuve la misma experiencia. No creo que vuelva.

Eveypoison said...

@PrincessPoly430 I do not plan on going back either!

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