elf Studio Cream Eyeliner {Comparison, Review & Swatches}

Here is my review of the elf Studio Cream eyeliner.
Product Overview:
Availability: This can be found on the elf website. It  can also be found in kmarts & targets. 

Retail: This eyeliner retails for $3.00.
Comparison: Wetnwild Mega Eyes Creme eyeliner retails around $3.00. While MAC fluidline retails for $15.00. L'oreal Color Truth Cream Eyeliner retails for $11.79. 

Packaging: While this is not the worst packaging I have seen {wetnwild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner has a spaceship form which I hate} it still is a little bulky. The packaging is kind of deceiving since it makes you believe there is so much product. 
                                             Amount: This eyeliner comes with .17 oz. 
   Comparison: Wetnwild Mega Eyes Creme eyeliner has .13 oz. MAC Fluidline has .1 oz. L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner has .159 oz. 

Color Variety: This eyeliner comes in 11 shades. Three of which are new shades. There are neutral colors like black and brown. But there are also vibrant shades like purple and blue. 
Comparison: Wetnwild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner only comes in two shades (black & a purple). MAC Fluidline comes in six shades. L'oreal Color Truth Cream Eyeliner comes in five shades. 

Quality: I am not impressed with this gel eyeliner. Almost all of them came very dry with the exception of black and coffee.  But I will mention coffee dried shortly after I received it. 
They also lacked pigmentation again with the exception of black and coffee. Here are some pictures:
*both Midnight and Ivory came that dry*
                                 Pros                                                                      Cons
                          Inexpensive                                                                 Dry 
                       Variety Of Colors                                                     Not Opaque    
                                                                                                Needs To Be Build Up                      
Here are swatches:
With Flash
Without Flash
From left to right Copper, Plum Purple, Metallic Olive, Gun Metal, Ivory, Coffee, Midnight, and Black. 

Bottom Line: I would NOT recommend this eyeliner. 

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