Stylish Blogger Award

Rules: Thank the person that gave you the award and put a link back to them, Post 7 things about yourself, Pass the love to 15 bloggers & let them know they received this award.

I would like to thank LadyLuck for tagging me. Don't forget to check out her blog if you haven't.
Here are seven things about me:
  1. I LOVE coca cola (& hate pepsi)
  2. I originally wanted to work in the beauty industry (I don't know why I changed my mind) but when I was younger I wanted to work in a pay toll because it looked fun. :D 
  3. I like history, especially when it comes to the world wars 
  4. I am obsessed with Boston Baked Beans
  5. I don't like sushi or fish
  6. I am really curious possibly too much for my own good
  7. I really like yoga
  8. Lately I have been liking orange nail polishes
And the winners of the Stylish blogger Award are:
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