How To: Matte Lipstick

I do not if you are like me but I like to have versatility. I like having products that can give me different finishes. That is why I like doing this little trick. It turns normal lipstick with a sheen to matte and it very easy to do. Basically after you apply your lipstick you set it with regular face powder. You can do it with a brush, q-tip (this will remove a bit of the lipstick), or a puff (this will dirty the puff, but you could have one just for this). Then viola! you have matte lipstick. One lipstick I am loving currently is wetnwild lipstick in shade 510 A. It is very inexpensive. Normally it does not last but when I set it with powder (to make it matte) it lasted a really long time. The second picture is two swatches. The first one is the lipstick set with powder (I used Maybelline Dream Matte powder) and the second is the lipstick on its on. 
What is your favorite lipstick?

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