How To Use Up An Unpigmented Eye Shadow & Make A New Nail Polish Color

Recently I watched a youtube video on how to use up old cosmetics or products which you did not like. Here is a link to the video: JoshCollierMUA. So here are some tips on how to use up a eye shadow which does not have really good pigmentation. One of the first things to do to try to make the eye shadow work is to use an eye shadow primer. If the eyeshadow still does not show up then I suggest scraping the surface a little with a spoolie to see if it is just a problem that is on the top. If the eye shadow is still not living to your exceptions then you can just scrap some and apply it like that. You can also try to apply the eye shadow wet. If it still is not working & you still want to use it up somehow I have another little trick. Use it to make a new nail polish color. The best part it is really simple. Here is what you will need:
1. White Nail Polish (must be white)
2. Eyeshadow (can also be a pigment)
3. Tooth Pick or something to break the eyeshadow
The eyeshadow I am going to be using is from NYX in the shade Hot Green & a little of MAC Sassy Grass (I shattered this by mistake). Here is a swatch of the eyeshadow:
First you need to crush the eyeshadow and try to make sure there are no big chunks. Basically crush it as fine as you can. The reason this is important is because it will apply kinda chunky to the nail if it is not crushed enough. (I should have crushed this eyeshadow more)
Then you just need to transfer it to the white nail polish. 
It must be a white nail polish. If you are to try it on a clear nail polish the eyeshadow will just settle to the bottom. Lastly shake the nail polish & viola you have a new nail polish color. Here is a swatch of my nail polish:    
   *If any of you decide to make your own nail polish color tell me how it goes and send me a picture* How do you use up cosmetics you do not like? If you have any other tips n tricks please leave them down below. 

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LadyLuck said...

can u do this with clear polish? i like the idea!!

Eveypoison said...

@LadyLuck I tried it but it didn't work that well. The pigment tends to sink and it also will not be opaque. On the other hand if you use white nail polish the pigment adheres to it so it will be more opaque.

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